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Stream Box RS is Pro-Ject's reference audio streamer designed as a audiophile-grade 24-bit/192kHz streaming client and as a step up from the Stream Box DSnet. The Stream Box RS is capable of digital music playback from computers, Ethernet and WLAN networks, iOS devices and USB thumb drives or external hard drives. UPnP and DLNAn1.0/1.5 support are also included. Designed to play digital file formats including MP-3, ALAC, AIFF, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, and WMA9-lossless, as well as FLAC and LPCM files up to 24-bit/192kHz. In addition, the Stream Box RS supports direct streaming from portable devices and accepts streaming services like Spotify, Grooveshark etc., using Jamcast software. Additionally, a vTuner internet radio platform is included.

Pro-Ject's NetAPI interface is implemented using a proprietary, APP available for your mobile devices using the IOS or Android platforms. Available as a free download from the Apple App Store or in the Android Market these apps provide ultra-fast access and control of the Stream Box DS net from your smartphone or tablet device. From the Box Control App all functions are controllable, and the Box Control App will be able to operate all IR-controlled Pro-Ject Box Design components. In development and available shortly, is Remote Box that will allow 3rd party devices, like TV's, to be system unified and controlled by Box Control App as well.

In an effort to keep the Stream Box RS from becoming technologically obsolete, the Pro-Ject engineering team designed the Stream Box RS to accept software/firmware uploads of possible new services and features available in the future.

A 3.5" TFT color display shows unit status as well as album artwork in high resolution. Front and rear USB inputs are Apple licensed and provided for storage devices or the digital connection of iPods, iPhones and iPads, and the Stream Box RS net features Wi-Fi 802/b/g/n that allows for 24-bit/192kHz file streaming over a WI-Fi network. The Stream Box DS net provides streaming via Ethernet or attached wireless aerial.

Internet radio access is provided using the vTuner platform, allowing for both local and international stations as well as being applicable for music services such as Napster, Rhapsody, Sirius, Pandora and All functions are accessed via the supplied IR remote control. An outboard power supply is included.

The Stream Box RS can function as your systems "control center". A fully-balanced dual-mono design employing a triode tube stage and onboard high-end DAC assures audiophile sound performance. The high-performance Alps analog volume control provides the ability to adjust volume at the unit or from afar using the supplied IR remote control. If using another source of control, the output level can be both variable or fixed via a rear panel switch.

Connectivity is greatly enhanced over the Stream Box DSnet. The Stream Box RS provides 1 each digital co-ax and optical inputs as well as 1 each RCA analog out and digital co-ax output. Balanced XLR outputs are provided for the highest fidelity and low noise option. A pair of RCA analog inputs are provided allowing the Stream Box RS to function as a true preamplifier accepting a turntable, cassette deck or analog tuner as an alternative source. Additionally, two USB inputs are provided, one on front panel, one on rear, for connection of both USB thumb or hard drives.

The Stream Box RS is a extremely versatile device designed to enhance improve your digital musical lifestyle.