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silverback REFERENCE

DeVORE FIDELITYs' new statement speaker is the long awaited Silverback Reference. This speaker is unmatched in its ability to convey subtle musical nuance and delicate micro-details coupled to explosively powerful dynamics and truly full-range frequency response. A 21Hz-40kHz bandwidth achieved with a true 8 Ohm impedance, and a low-reactance crossover using our award-winning gibbon technology and pure silver foil capacitors makes the Silverback Reference transparent, seamless, and very easy for almost any amplifier to drive.

The silverback crossover is implemented using our proprietary gibbon technology assuring excellent transient fidelity and seamless integration of all four drivers. The crossover uses the DeF SVDX (Suspended Vibration Damped X-over) system in which all components are encapsulated in Vibraflex and mounted on an isolated baffle to eliminate coil, capacitor and resistor resonance.

The tweeter is a state-of-the-art silk dome with flat response to 40kHz using powerful dual magnets and a carefully tuned enclosure. The tweeter is then suspended in its own isolated housing to prevent midrange and bass frequency vibrations from effecting delicate high frequencies.

The midrange phase-plug controls dispersion in the critical crossover region, and allows higher power handling and dynamics.

The carefully sculpted narrow front baffle allows the speakers to throw a wide, precise soundstage and disappear into a room.

The upper baffle, cabinet top, and key internal partitions are made from D-MASS, a unique high-density material, that acts as an energy barrier and allows the midrange and tweeter to operate as though mounted in a completely separate cabinet from the woofer system.

The silverback cabinet uses 6 separately tuned internal chambers and non-parallel walls to achieve low bass extension and explosive, uncolored dynamics and transient performance. Twin long-throw 8-inch woofers are mounted in a force canceling sub-chamber with non-parallel walls to eliminate standing waves and minimize cabinet vibration.

D-MASS outriggers and custom designed isolation feet provide a stable platform for the silverback, and allow full adjustment of listening axis height in any room.


Frequency Response: 21Hz to 40kHz
Impedance: 8 ohms; always above 7 and below 15
Dimensions: H 47.5" x D 17" x W 11" max at rear