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Items that are usually a long wait or backordered but shockingly we currently have in stock.

**For local sale only or be willing to travel to our store location.** 

Devore Fidelity

Orangutan O/96 - 2pr New Factory Sealed B stock Lace Walnut             

Orangutan O/93 - 1pr Fiddleback Mahogany

O/baby w stands - Multiple prs 

Gibbon super Nine - 1pr Mahogany 

Gibbon X - 1pr Mahogany ( coming soon )

Leben Fidelity

CS-300XS - 1 unit 


A21SE  - 1 unit custom Orange front faceplate 


L-505uXII - 2 units

L-507Z - 1 unit

L-509Z - 1 unit

A bit of Devore design

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