NHB-18NS Preamplifier

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We believe the NHB-18NS is the most advanced audio preamplifier ever designed.

With its revolutionary signal path technology, its full battery supply of operating power, and its state-of-the-art phono stages, the NHB-18NS remains the reference preamplifier. In terms of transparency and emotional engagement, NHB-18NS has few (if any) peers. Designed to drive the NHB-108 or the NHB-458 monoblocks, the NHB-18NS offers the ultimate in signal preamplification and system control, especially when connected via our proprietary darT to Zeel 50-ohm links.


Since the first day, darTZeel exclusively uses circuits reduced to their simplest expression, fruit of a long and careful thinking. Here, any overall negative feedback is banned. The delicate musical signal is amplified through 7 transistors. Phono stages, absolutely sensational in their last version 8, afford a total gain up to 83 dB.

Remote action

Simple, effective, unstoppable.
Machined from the billet, holding admirably well in the hand, the NHB-18NS remote allows you, from the easiest way in the world, access to the main function, what we call here the Pleasure Control.

Visible differences

darTZeel instruments from the NHB series are not only the ultimate in musical reproduction, they are also built as true pieces of art. Each electronic component, each mechanical piece, were carefully thought and selected.

Outstanding finish

In a NHB-18NS, every single part of aluminum is milled from the billet, then finished by hand, and then hand brushed and anodized. Every single part, even inside the machine. That is why the NHB series is so exclusive.