Monitor 40.2

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Many are called, but few are chosen. It is a startling experience to sit in front of these large boxes [M40.1] and hear sound that has no box character at all.
'The Absolute Sound' Magazine, USA

The Monitor 40.2 redefines the term 'Reference Loudspeaker'. Built on the success of the multi award-winning M40.1, this new generation is the biggest leap forward in sonic supremacy since the design's launch in January 1998.

More efficient, more adaptable to a wide range of listening environments, perfectly balanced and more transparent and engaging, the M40.2 takes the Harbeth sound to a new level.
With its mesmerising and addictive soundstage, Harbeth's reference monitor produces a grand, dynamic and unforgettable sonic experience – far beyond conventional loudspeaker listening.

AWARDS for the M40.1 include...
Golden Ear award from The Absolute Sound magazine
Named TONE Audio speaker product of the year.
Editors' Choice by The Abosulte Sound.