NHB-108 Power amplifier

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The NHB-108 model one power amplifier was the first product designed, built, and sold by darTZeel.

The consensus of audio reviewers and passionate audiophiles has always been that the NHB-108 model one is a crème de la crème product. The NHB-108 model one's immediate success (and many awards) decisively placed darTZeel on the global map. This high-speed dual-mono power amplifier is the top-of-the line stereo machine of our Never Heard Before (NHB) series. Over the years the NHB-108 model one has been incrementally improved, whenever that opportunity has presented itself. With its very conservatively rated output power of 125 wpc, the NHB-108 finds driving any kind of loudspeaker to be a breeze, easily bestowing its magic. (Please forgive us our poetic flights). When paired with its partnering NHB-18NS preamplifier via darT to Zeel 50-ohm links, the NHB-108's magic is even more enchanting.


Two power supplies, two transformers, two audio channels, two coolers, darTZeel NHB-108 model one is in all respects a true dual-mono power amplifier. Only the single power cord reminds us that everything is housed in a single chassis.

Ultimate elegance

The darTZeel NHB-108 model one stereo amplifier is the result of 16 years of research and development.
Its designer Hervé Delétraz meticulously explored the possibilities to reproduce music in all its emotional richness and greatness.
In the end, an electronic circuit audio stripped to the extreme, if sublime in terms of simplicity, that person dared imagine previously.
Hervé Delétraz is the sole author of the patents that have enabled the NHB-108 to see the day. His universal principle scheme gives rise to all other instruments from darTZeel, with at each time that special detail that gives a darTZeel.


When the desire for perfection is so strong, everything is thought in every detail.

An instrument from darTZeel does not just marvel by hearing it, but also by seing, touching it, and even by feeling the intangible magic that comes out.

Through the smoked mineral glass, one can admire the power supply moon crescent-shaped bus bars, fine brushed and finished in 24-carat gold, the perfectly compartmentalized internal layout carefully , and understood immediately that the darTZeel NHB-108 model one is not one machine like the others.