LHC-208 Integrated amplifier

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darTZeel is taking its new mile corner stone in the digital audio field with the LHC-208.

Designed to face the Brave New World of high-quality digital music for you, the LHC-208 "danalogue" machine is actually an integrated amplifier with a built-in full streaming DAC engine. Now darTZeel is entering into the digital world, bringing, as it is the usage in the company, numerous new features most of competitors – and thus customers – ever dreamed about. Up to full DSD128 and DXD streaming over Ethernet RJ45 connection, TFT touch screen, and even a dedicated headphone amplifier with a 6.35 mm front panel jack, these are just some of the features the LHC-208 has to offer you. Once the LHC-208 is set up and connected to the network, there are three ways to access its intuitive user interface: the front-panel touch screen; the optional remote control; and any UPnP application (app) for computer or tablet. We modestly think that there has never been so much musical capability carefully packed into one tidy, space-saving, fuss-free chassis!

Thought to last

In the world of electronic music, one can only succeed if everything has been thought to cross technological trends.

darTZeel LHC-208 in short: timely software updates, custom smart cooling unit, a revolutionary clock system, amongst others.

Dedicated to music

With 5 analog, 6 digital inputs, a dedicated headphone amplifier, a nice touch screen, and its analog power circuits directly derived from the NHB-458, the darTZeel LHC-208 lacks very few.

Oh, perhaps... a pair of speakers, and your music library.

Attention to details

Before enjoying these unforgettable musical moments, just know the darTZeel LHC-208 remained in gestation over three years in our laboratories. Nothing was left to chance. For the first time in the world you can finally listen to very high resolution music with analog quality thanks our smart clock freed from negative feedback.