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Volare Turntable with Origin Silver Mk3A Tonearm

Just What the Doctor Ordered for Expressive, Detailed, Dynamic Vinyl LP Playback: Feickert Analogue Volare Turntable Features Origin Silver MK3A Tonearm and Innovative Chassis Topology

The Volare turntable is just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Christian Feickert, to be exact, the chemistry professor who has been designing 'tables since 1996 and whose own company is nearing its 20-year anniversary. Built by hand in Germany's Black Forest region, the belt-driven Volare comes with a 9.5-inch Origin Silver MK3A tonearm (a $1,000 value) and hefty aluminum platter inspired by the types on Feickert's larger, more expensive models. Volare's innovative chassis topology focuses on high mass in the center of a bearing chosen for its stiffness and low-friction properties. It achieves ultimate synergy with the high-torque motor, which operates with a smoothness that would be the envy of any professional figure skater.

Volare also touts a quick-swap mechanism for armboards that invites you to customize and experiment with different tonearms at will. Ditto the kind of records you spin – be they 33, 45, or even 78RPM speed. Backed by a two-year manufacturer warranty, Volare remains true to its Latin and Italian roots by taking analog to soaring heights at a very accessible price point.


Armboard: 205 - 240 mm pivot-spindle (9 - 10 inches effective length)
Dimensions: 16.5" x 14.2" x 4.9"
Weight: 38.6 lbs.
Warranty: 2 years (chassis and electronics), 5 years (bearing)