Australe EZ

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The Australe EZ is the new reference loudspeaker of the Esprit range. Using the identity of the Esprit EZ range, Australe EZ radiates its own unique character.

An elegant 1.2 meter high, 3-way floorstander, the Australe Ez has been deisgned to fill rooms of large dimensions (greater than 30m2) and provide deep and powerful bass. It includes no less than 6 drivers: two horn loaded tweeters, one 16cm natural cellulose midrange and three new generation bass drivers to provide wide and fully detailed sound stage.

A great leap forward, Australe EZ boasts unmatched technological innovations that redefine the performance of the range and delivers a unique "live" feel. It integrates the new DPS "Dynamic Pulse System" technology, with a second tweeter at the back of the cabinet, reserved until now to speakers of the Magellan range.

For more than two years, a new generation of drivers has been developed to improve the performance of the loudspeaker in low frequencies. On the top of that Australe Ez features a new pedestal, high-quality internal wiring from the Signature range and a crossover split for better acoustic performance.


Type    Bass Reflex

Ways   3

Sensitivity (dB/W/m)   92,5

Bandwidth (+/-3dB Hz-KHz)  29-22

Power Handling (W Rms)   150

Minimum Impedance (ohms)  3.3

Cabinets Dimensions WxDxH (mm)  200 x 370 x 1130

Dimensions with Pedestal WxDxH (mm)   300 x 460 x 1170

Net Weight (Kg)  38,8