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The Gaia Ez is a 3-way compact floorstander (96cm x 17cm) makes it a perfect fit for all rooms. Being discrete & elegant, combined with powerful musical qualities makes the Gaia Ez the automatic choice for many music lovers.

A 3-way design, the 4 driver set-up reproduces every musical piece with subtlety and elegance. The Gaïa Ez integrates Triangle's unique design horn-loaded tweeter. It consists of a titanium dome placed in a carefully designed horn improving greatly efficiency. The phase plug reduces sharp and diffuse high frequencies all around the rooms.

The speaker also features a 13cm (5.25 inch) midrange drivers with 100% natural cellulose diaphragm for an astonishing voices reproduction and two 13cm (5.25 inch) woofers for controlled and fast bass.

With its compact design and 3-way construction, the Gaïa is be recommended for those looking for a subtle, detailed loudspeaker with rooms between 10 to 30m2.


Type Bass Reflex

Ways 3

Sensitivity (dB/W/m) 89,5

Bandwidth (+/-3dB Hz-KHz) 47-22

Power Handling (W Rms) 90

Minimum Impedance (ohms) 3.3

Cabinets Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 168 x 276 x 962

Dimensions with Pedestal WxDxH (mm) 230 x 315 x 980

Net Weight (Kg) 18