Stogi S 12 VTA

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Stogi S 12 VTA

This is a Stogi S 12 inch version tonearm with a fully precise adjustable VTA tower fitting on the standard 9 inch tonearm distance. The Stogi S 12 VTA tonearm shares the main features of Stogi S & Stogi S 12 and 4Point tonearms, i.e. a unipivot bearing, headshell rigid construction and a unique VTA tower used in our best tonearms.

The whole construction is mounted on a rigid VTA tower which allows VTA ( vertical tracking angle) adjustment while playing, without any loss of rigidity, yet with up to 0.01mm of precision with zero play and repeatability.

Tonearm fits standard size turntables, so there is no need to replace the turntable to experience the advantages of a longer tonearms and fine VTA adjustments.
General description:
It is a unipivot bearing design with a unique, rigid square headshell made from a solid aluminium block and a base of solid brass which control all vibration and facilitate stability of the tonearm as a whole. All parts of the arm are machined from blocks of solid metal, in order to provide damping and minimise resonance. The polished pivot point is sited in an oil well, which provides extremely low friction and bearing vibration. The bearing height is at record level for optimum tracking. The silicone damping controls resonance of the cartridge and also gives stability in azimuth direction.

Two counterweights allow easy adjustments of tracking force and azimuth. Fine azimuth adjustment is achieved by rotation of a horizontal screw in the main counterweight, which does not affect other tonearm parameters and which makes fine azimuth adjustment very simple.

Wires are in one uninterrupted piece from headshell to RCA phono connectors. By pre-order, wiring can also be fitted in for balanced ( XLR) connection.


Effective length   304, 8 mm
Arm mount distance   212 mm
Distance from spindle to horizontal bearing   291 mm
Bearing type   Unipivot
Effective mass   12 g
Total mass   1750 g
Offset angle   17.8*
VTA adjustment   precise VTA tower
Azimuth adjustment   Yes
Tube   Straight
Bias   Yes
Max. Standard cartridge weight   15 g
Optional light and heavy counterweight   Yes
Damping   Yes
Detachable headshell   No
Arm mount   Kuzma
Standard wiring  Copper, RCA Bullets ( 75pF)
Accessories   protractors, Allen keys, cartridge mounting screws
Options   XLR, 5pin